Saturday, January 27, 2007

Mmmmm.... Wendys!

Mum walked in the door with a bag of this stuff yesterday. She said it wasn't for me but boy did it smell, I couldn't resist!....... So good!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Move over Zoolander!

Good news! Mum got a call from the lady at the animal talent agency today saying they wanted to meet me! Mum is stoked and just on the quiet side my ego is starting to swell hahaha, I can just see it now..... Burbon on the Forbes rich list in no time! With a face like this who could resist! The pics are my equivalent to Blue Steel, I like to cal it "Bad to the Bone". Hmmmm, maybe i'm being borderline cocky now so i'll shut up.

The weekend at the Gramps was choice, weather was great so I got to do lots of fun stuff. Home sweet home now and preening myself for my big date with stardom!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Off to the Gramps for the weekend!

I'm all excited because it's holiday time for me, i'm off to the Grandparents for the weekend, Mum is going to the A1GP in Taupo and shes super excited! So am I, the Gramps take me for walks in the forest and around the lake, i'm their fave grand dog! I also get big bones like the this one, although when Mum pulled this one out of the fridge my jowles started watering instantly - it was huge! I think it's gonna take me a whole week to get through this sucker!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Lazy Weekend

My weekend started off slowly and ended up great! On Friday me and Mum stayed in and watched Me, You, and DuPree. Just on the down-low Mums got a bit of a thing for Owen Wilson but lets keep that quiet.... On Saturday morning Mum had a sleep in so I amused myself in the garden until we went for a walk. After lunch I went to Auntie Shannons for a play while Mum got her very first tattoo! I think it's pretty rad. On Sunday it was roasting! I wotched NZ get hammered by Aussie in the cricket and after dinner we went to Kiriotahi Beach for a massive walk and play in the water! Stupid Mum forgot to take her camera and she was going on and on about how nice the pictures would have been. I frolicked on the beach until the sun went down then crashed out on the way home. What an awesome end to a lazy weekend!

My 1st Birthday

So it's a bit belated but seeing as Mum didn't have this blog running when I had my big day she thought she'd put the pics up for everyone to see. I had a great day, a birthday party especially for me at my daycare! Mum made me a delicious meat-cake to share with all my home doggs and we had a ball.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Wow - Cyberspace!

Crickey - Mum finally has this up and running... says that she's no techno geek so this might take a while to get right but i'm sure she'll get the hang of it pretty soon. Thanks to my home doggs that are on my buddies list - heres to blogging! Mum will get some more interesting stuff up soon. Woof!